About Us

Hi. We're Rose and Dennis. We got started in the business back in 1990. We've both always been huge collectors and pack rats. We finally decided it was time to start selling some of our stuff. We started out having a booth in a couple different antique shops, and also selling at flea markets, dealing primarily in furniture. We talked about someday having our own shop, mostly so we wouldn't have to move this heavy furniture around.

rose and dennisFor 4 years, from 1996 - 1999 we rented the basement of the building in Shakopee, MN. Because we were both still working full time, we were only open on Saturdays.

In 1999 we bought the old Hebeisen Hardware Store building in Carver, MN. It was built in 1868, had the original wood floors, and a lot of character plus a couple friendly spirits . Dennis took early retirement so we could be open full time, 7 days a week 10 am - 5 pm. We opened on January 2, 2000. Unfortunately with the shake up in the economy after the 9/11 terror attacks, Dennis had to return to work and we had to change our hours to 10:30-1:00 Mon thru Thurs, and 10-5 Fri thru Sun. Also due to the economic downturn, we weren't able to get financing for the balloon payment on the building when it came due in 2003. We ended up selling the building to an investor with the option to continue occupying on a rental basis. Unfortunately the rent ended up being very high, so in an effort to reduce our rent, in March of 2008, we shuffled some stuff around to make room in our building for Annette Hentz's Carver Country Flowers and Gifts. In the shuffle, we moved a lot of stuff to the back room, which we had used previously for overflow and work space. After going through all that and giving up a lot of space, it only reduced our rent by $100 per month. Definitely not worth it.  

When our lease was up in March 2010, our landlord decided he wanted to do something different, so we had to find new space to rent. We were very lucky and found this wonderful old building in Jordan, originally Langer Meat Market back in the day. Unfortunately the space is a lot smaller than what we had in Carver (3000 square foot down to 1000 square feet), so we had to downsize drastically, especially our workshop space. We ended up putting a lot of stuff in storage units.  We love it here in Jordan, and it's a lot busier town due to having other antique shops and lots of other businesses.

We try to make our shop a fun and affordable place to shop and visit. We try to keep a variety of merchandise in stock, and get new stuff almost daily. Dennis still works on old tube type radios, and also sells tubes for them. He and Lenny also still do furniture repair and refinishing in the workshop, which I'm currently trying to expand. We also taken on doing some minor clock repair. Dennis and Lenny work very well together. Lenny is a man of many talents, including but not limited to, wood working, and making and repairing stringed musical instruments. Dennis is also multi-talented. 

Right now I'm trying to reduce our inventory of glassware and dishes to concentrate on more furniture and also to expand the workshop area.

We have a lot of fun things coming up in Jordan in the near future featuring the Shops of Jordan, a bunch of us retail shops banded together to try to promote the town of Jordan, and the shops of Jordan. There are 4 other antique shops in town plus numerous other businesses:  Carasim coffee shop/The Hub Antiques, The Vinery flower & gift shop, Iris Valley gifts,  Nicolin Mansion B&B, Creekwater Memories Scrapbooking, Pekarna's Meat Market, Zap Arcade/Hot Comics & Collectibles, Studio J Salon, and Minnesota's Largest Candy Store/apple farm (which is seasonal usually mid July - Nov), we were told they will be opening this year Memorial weekend.

Other antique shops in town: LB Antiques, Jordan Junker, Hub of Jordan/Carism Coffe Shop, Tri City Cellars

2016 events from the Shops of Jordan:   Fri. March 18 "Spring Fling - Ladies Night Out" 5 pm - 8 pm, Sat. April 23, "Junkin' in Jordan" 10 am - 5 pm, Sat. June 4 "Truckin' into Father's day" 10 am - 5 pm, Sat. Sept 24, "Fall Extravaganza" 10 am - 5 pm., Fri. Oct. 14 "Autumn Swing Ladies' Night Out" 5 pm - 8 pm, Sat. Nov. 5 "Camo Glam" 10 am- 5 pm, Sat. Dec. 3 "Hometown Holiday" 10 am - 7 pm.  Check out our Shops of Jordan Facebook page for more details. www.facebook.com/theshopsofjordan.  I also try to post updates on my facebook page

To contact us, use our email address: tca@visi.com. The "contact us" button no longer goes to us - think it ends up in the Twilight Zone.